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My very First Camera was borrowed from my dad! It was a Canon AE-1 film camera that I used to photograph my friends
when I was in high school.
My husband started First When our first was born, Ken bought our first digital camera. We fell in love with documenting our children. 2
Pleased To meet you I am Stacey, owner and
photographer at Wiles Photography!
When I am not snuggling babies,
you can find me with a good
book or spending time with family.
Look around and get to
know me a little bit.
What I love The Most I love snuggling babies, smelling that sweet baby scent, and watching them grow! 3
My two greatest loves Children and photography! I love building relationships with my clients and watching your children grow through the years. 4
My Wish For Each Client I hope to give each client a precious memory of their little ones that will last a lifetime. 5