WHAT to EXPECT at your newborn session

1. Newborns are usually between 7-10 days old.
2. I like to schedule newborns before they are born!   We will scheduled a tenative date based on the baby's due date.   Then once the baby arrives, we will adjust the session date if we need to. 
3. Full bellies are helpful. Please try to feed baby right before you come.
4. The studio will be very warm to make baby comfortable, so please dress lightly. (And don't be surprised if I have a ponytail and t-shirt on for the session. It's not uncommon for me to be a little sweaty by the end of the session.)
5. Sessions can last up to three hours as we take plenty of breaks for feeding and make sure baby is nice and sleepy.
6The morning of your session, please try to keep baby awake as much as possible before your session.  Then before you walk out the door, have a nice big feed.  Baby will hopefully fall asleep on the way to the studio and sleep soundly for the session. 
7.  Relax and enjoy the experience!

Props Gallore Wiles Photography has plenty
of props, headbands, wraps -
really anything needed for the session. However, you are always welcome to bring any props you want to include in baby's pictures.
When to expect your gallery Within two weeks of your session, your finished proofs will be posted to an online client gallery. Client galleries are password protected, but can be shared with friends and family. Client galleries remain active for two weeks, during which time clients may place their orders online. Galleries remain online
for two weeks. All Print
orders must be placed
during that time.
Newborns schedule ahead Newborn sessions are tenatively scheduled a month before baby's due date. A final date will be scheduled
after the baby arrives.