Starting off with Twins!

Call me crazy, but I got clearance from my surgeon on Thursday and welcomed these adorable twin boys to the studio on Friday.   These sweet babies were so good for their pictures.    They decided that they wanted to keep me on my toes a bit and sleep at different times, but they are forgiven because they are so cute.   🙂

I always recommend that newborns try to be in the studio between 7-10 days of age because they are still super sleepy and that makes them easier to work with.   However, there is still a window of time that works.   These guys were two weeks old and were still great.   I have had some 7 day old newborns that are wide awake and don’t want to sleep a lick, and then I’ve had 3 week olds that sleep the whole time and are angels.   It’s just really hard to predict.    The odds of the baby being sleepy is best in that 7-10 day window, but don’t let that discourage you if that window has passed for your newborn.   To me it’s important to photograph that sweet baby goodness regardless!

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