Emma 5 month Milestone session

Emma was such a good baby for her 5 month pictures.   She was one of the first babies back on my schedule because I knew I missed her 4 month benchmark and babies change a lot faster at 4-5 months than they do at 1 year.   Just look at her sitting up!      I love photographing families over time because I love seeing the family similarities in siblings.    People used to tell us all of the time that our kids all looked alike.   I just could not see it at the time.   To me, each of them was so different.    But now, as I sit and edit these beautiful babies, it’s so fun to see the different expressions they make that remind me so much of their siblings.   I think Emma is such a good example.    She is opposite in hair and eye color, but at the same time I can see her sister plain as day in some of her expressions.   🙂

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